Visualyze intelligent RPA Platform

The future of work; done by intelligent robots.

Visualyze has combined Artificial intelligence and RPA in a single complete Platform

The spectrum of automation starts with tactical digitization  and ends with advanced cognitive functions integrated with software robots.

End-to-end process automation



The intelligence process discovery automatically identifies business process. create visual representations and evaluvates the ROI achieved by their automation.



Model the process using fast and intuitive drag and drop tools. Integrate with business applications and build the workflow using Artificial Intelligence.


Build & deploy

Build the bots that can be run on multiple platforms and scale them as needed. Deploy locally or remotely in small amount of time.


Manage & Measure

Observe and manage the bots remotely using the Visualyze RPA Cloud platform. Derive insights from your dogital workers via integrated business intelligence tools.


A system of AI powered business process exploration

Process Discovery

Record human workflows and let the AI help you in selecting which process to automate.

Capture, categorize and assess the processes to get a deep understanding of the impact made by automation. Keep track of progress and communication using the centralized dashboard.


Model complex scenarios and process intuitively

RPA Studio

Design the process using the Visualyze RPA Studio

Use the designer workbench to create RPA applications. It comes with 200+  automation tasks,  40+ integrations and many out of the box , ready to deploy  features. 

Build & Deploy

Build, test and deploy with ease

Multi platform deployment

Build the bot once and you can deploy it to any platform-testing, staging or production.

Supports windows, unix , servers, virtual machine and remote desktops. 

Manage & Measure

Power of observation and management through cloud

Visualyze RPA Cloud

A cloud application to observe and manage bots remotely.

Use the integrated business intelligence tools to derive  insights from these intelligent  workers.

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