Cookies Policy

The website (the "Website") uses cookies. We use cookies that are necessary in order for you to log in, store your preferences and for the proper display of our web pages.

What cookies do we use?

We use session cookies and persistent cookies. Depending on the purposes for which they are used cookies can be: Essential– used to efficiently and quickly load the pages and offer features by distributing the workload across several computers, to authenticate you and to ensure your secure connection and prevent fraudulent use of your account or detect other malicious activity on the website.

Functionality cookies – these cookies are used in order to enhance your user experience and to remember your preferences such as your language preference and cookies which are necessary for the playback of media content or which can autofill a form for you.

Analytical/Performance - used by us to count the number of users on our website, to recognize you when you visit the website again and to help us improve your experience on our website depending on how it is used. These cookies also help us understand how our services are doing and improve them by developing new features.

Targeting and advertising – these cookies are used to record your behavior online and can be used to provide you with offers and services you might be interested in.

"Terms of Use" or "ToU" means the: General Terms of Use. Specific terms applicable to each Service ("Specific Terms"). Visualyze’s policies ("Policies"). Other references therein, all as available on our website (or successor) or within the Service, as amended by Visualyze from time to time.