Robot Cloud

Your Automated workforce on the cloud

Deploy, manage and monitor automations on the cloud

Using Robot Cloud you can deploy your automations with ease, control and manage them remotely and monitor and measure their behaviour and performance

Centralized access management, automation planning and governance

The Management application to plan your automations, manage users, their roles and access and monitor user and robot activities

Versatile, scalable and secure data storage

Store secure credentials and files on the cloud backed up by best in class security practices. Provide controlled access to users and robots to ensure data privacy and security

Multitenancy and enterprise authentication Features

Configurable to have multiple tenants and with authentication mechanisms including Active Directory OAuth2, CyberArk and Azure Key Vault.

Convenience first flexible deployments

Deploy and access Robot Cloud from your own on-premise servers, private cloud. Managed server instances provided by visualyze or third party hosting from our partners.

Start building your
automated workforce