Intelligent Automation

It is Robotic Automation but done by robots with intelligence


What Robotic Process Automation (RPA) does

What Intelligent Automation (IA) does

Robots with a brain
powered by Artificial

Visualyze's Intelligent Automation Technologies are built from ground up to use statistical computing and machine learning to tasks execution and decision making

Natural Language Processing

Understanding meaning from text is essential to getting things done intelligently. Visualyze's NLP (Natural Language Processing) technologies built into our products gives the software ability to understand written and spoken languages for decision making and action execution.

Machine Learning

The ability to understand data and learn from it are the fundamental features of an intelligent software application. Visualyze's robots and built to learn from data and the automation tools we provide helps the user in creating inherently intelligent robots.

Computer Vision

Visualyze's Computer vision technologies enable software to see and understand the world. They provide functionalities to read documents and images to recognize the content, either printed or handwritten. Identify products, people, faces, and objects in images and videos. Classify images and documents based on their content and meaning.

An Example of Intelligent Automation​

Sales Order Processing

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