Document AI

Custom crafted document understanding skills for your automations

Data Extraction

Easily extract data from any scanned or text document type: Structured, semi- structured or unstructured. Use pre trained models for common document types such as invoices, identity cards, bank statements and forms. Custom train models with your own data for increased accuracy and efficiency.

Document Classification

Eliminate human effort in classifying documents into their respective document types without having to open individual PDFs or images. Process large number of documents in batch and categorize them by their respective types automatically without having to write custom rules.

Text Recognition

Using text recognition the tedious data entry from reading the documents can be eliminated. Extract text from documents and images including product photos, road signs, document photos, id cards, and driver's licenses. Finetune and custom train the models for your own needs

Document Layout Analysis

Identify and categorize the regions of interest in a scanned images of a text document. Automatically detect and label common document sections as text body, heading , subheading, tables, forms and signature identification of the regions of interest can be part of your data extraction pipeline for increased accuracy.

How it works

DocumentAI identifies and extracts data from scanned and text documents using machine learning, advanced pattern recognition based on natural language processing, template systems and dynamic business rules.

Identify Verification

Identification and verification of multiple KYC documents as proof
of identity is an important process that needs accuracy and efficiency. DocumentAI provides accurate region recognition and text extraction and blazingly fast so you can process documents in real-time and make the onboarding experience smooth and fast.

Bank statement and data extraction

Different banks have different types of statement format and only
an intelligent processing system can extract data from bank statement PDF & scans without having to create rules for changing bank formats. DocumentAI gives you the ability to adjust to the dynamic format changes and human in the loop verification step in the extraction pipeline.

Contracts and agreement

Extract recurring data from all types of legal agreements, such as rental & leasing contracts, warranty & insurance agreements or form based contracts

HR Forms and Applications

Extracting data from forms as key value pairs is an important task and it can be applied to enrollment forms, application forms, reports, feedback forms, payroll or any other HR related documents.


Extract structured data from your daily invoices and export to spreadsheet, or your CRM application. The extracted data is strucuted and labelled including amount, tax rate, line items, buyer, seller and much more custom trainable fields.

Purchase Orders

Upload documents that contain purchase order information to extract labelled information. Move the data to your order management or accounting applications without any manual intervention.

Application Forms

Without writing any custom rules, extract data from the scanned and text application form documents. Extract key value pairs and identify signature blocks from the application forms without manually reading them

Identity Verification

Smooth & efficient verification of multiple KYC Documents as a proof of identity before extending your services. Verify driving licenses and match identity from multiple documents.

Claims documents

Read submitted proof of loss documents such as invoices with high accuracy Capture invoice data, categorize line items and validate tax rate, GST & amount values

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