Sep 23, 2021


Visualyzing the Workplace of Tomorrow

Imagine walking into a brick-and-mortar retail hyper store and then coming to the checkout counter to pay. The person operating the counter scans the barcode of every item in your cart and tells you how much you need to pay.

Today, Amazon has introduced contactless stores. These stores have no employees who have to scan barcodes all day long with joyless expressions on their faces.

What would those helpful store assistants do in retail stores with no humans at all?

Think of the person who used to sit with a register outside a residential complex and note down details of all visitors on a tattered record. Today, with an app, all appointments can be taken through a smartphone. When the visitor arrives for the meeting, she can notify through the app and get called in.

What would that keeper of the register do today?

If your answer to both the above questions was “something better”, then you have already visualized the workplace of the future.

For example, the store assistant could be reassigned to the promotions or marketing teams that could better use her experienced insights of consumer behavior and buying choices. The keeper of the register could be asked to use his experience of observing visitors for years to help the building security team filter out suspicious characters or troublemakers from visitors.

You see what just happened. Their earlier jobs required neither physical dexterity nor mental agility. But now, they were given roles that made better use of their capabilities and experience.

We at Visualyze have been creating our own vision of such a workplace, and we are very close to sharing the results with the world. So do keep a watch on this page for updates. Or better still, follow our page, and the notifications will reach you.